Evangelist Joshua Orekhie, called and trained by Jesus Christ as a Soldier of Jesus Christ in this end-time, specially trained and anointed with HOLY GHOST and POWER.


Evangelist Joshua is a prolific writer of Christian books and articles. Evangelist Joshua is a motivational coach of the Word of God and a Christian speaker. He is a young man of 30 who discovers the gift of God. He is a dream interpreter, a prayer warrior and deliverance enthusiast.


He is a brother raised by God and endowed with the uncommon power to demonstrate the raw power of God through deliverance and interpretation of dreams in this generation. He is a young and humble man who is open for learning and correction.

He has gone to several places for evangelical outreaches in the prison, hospital, orphanages visit, village etc Besides his Evangelism works, Evangelist Joshua Orekhie has written book on dreams interpretations, prayer boosters and inspiring articles for years and has blessed lives across the world. Evangelist Joshua received the call to establish an online ministry before he gained admission into higher institution in Nigeria.

Above all, He is the founder of Deliverance and Prayers Fire with Dreams Interpretation Ministry (DPFDIM). Evangelist Joshua has a team of people working together in the online ministry. Evangelist Joshua Orekhie bags an award as the President Mountain of Fire Youth Corpers Fellowship, Imo State, Nigeria, 2014/2015. more.. He has respect for people in higher authority and at the same time emulate some of the doctrines of his core mentors. In what become like a dream, Evangelist Joshua’s post online has recorded several unique miracles from different people across the world